Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday, July 6, 2007 - Missed a point

I missed the point of explaining how the weaving all comes together. After you weave all the tubes together, you pin to itself and you flip it over to make sure you don't have mistakes on the other side. This is the tricky part because it all has to be pinned to itself. When you are weaving it is all pinned to the cardboard loom. I used flower pins stuck up straight as they were easiest to see. You pin each end of the strips and then in the middle. While weaving you have to constantly move the pins out of your way and then put them back to hold it in place. My mom made the looms from cardboard boxes and drew the lines - a straight line and then 60 degree angles so we could get the angle right. When it is all weaved correctly, I will use my sewing machine and baste a line along the outside edges and across the top and bottom. Then I will take out all the pins and check for any mistakes. Then the borders are sewn on and it is checked again to make sure there aren't any mistakes (there usually are) and changes are made before finally sewing with a regular stitch to put the borders on. They are put on both sides with different colors and then fusible batting is put on the inside of the borders. This is reversible with really no "quilting" to do, so it will come together quickly when I get the weaving done. The weaving is not sewn together at all in the center. That is all loose, so you can stick your fingers through it. The only place it is held together is along the edges, that's why it's important to get the weaving correct and close.
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I checked out that web site and they look really amazing!
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