Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two wall hangings from one

Tonight I got a lot accomplished I quilted my MIL's quilt and then set to work making two wall hangings out of the blocks I made for the living room quilt. I really liked the way it turned out, but it was way too big. This is what it looked like when I had it together on Sun. night. It was 45" square and too big for our wall space. So I took it all apart.
October 08 Quilts 005
Tonight I turned it in to this: A wall hanging for my office at work. I love the purple and multi color and didn't want much of the really dark blue in it.
October 08 Quilts 002
And this: The one for the living room. It's about 28" square now and will work great in that space. I used the dark multi and it turned out grea since it blends better with our furniture. I don't care for the really dark block, but that was Paul's favorite, so I left it in.
October 08 Quilts 003

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Gina said...

THey look great

Love and hugs Gina xxx