Monday, October 20, 2008

My favorite quilt I've made!

This is probably my favorite quilt. I made this my first year teaching and completed it in January 2005. It has a variety of purple hearts and I bought all the fabrics at the LQS, including the white background. I paid to have it machine quilted by Lesa of Wall. It's the only one I have ever paid to have quilted for me. It's absolutely beautiful and the quilting in it is little hearts and stars. My biggest mistake/regret was putting lavendar broadcloth on the back of it. I was trying to save money and in the end that's the worst part of the quilt and I wish I hadn't scrimped. This quilt hung in the TSC booth at the Stock Show in 2005, so a lot of people were able to see this quilt. I hung this on the quilt rack at our wedding reception as I thought it was appropriate. We had several pictures taken with this as the back drop. Once Paul gets my quilt rack done I'll hang this until my wedding quilt is done. I won't leave this one on the top of the bed because I don't want Missy laying on it.

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Jen said...

Giggle, it's so YOU!!