Friday, October 17, 2008

My first commission quilt - my 4th quilt

This was my first commission quilt. I had shown my t-shirt quilt at the fair and a lady had seen it. She wanted to have her running shirts made into a quilt. I spent my breaks during my sophomore year making this quilt for her. I actually purchased my first three tools while making this quilt. A fiskers mat, rotary cutter, and June Taylor square up. I still have those three tools as a reminder of my start, but I've definately replaced them mulitple times since then. I cut out all the t-shirts in my dorm room on my little desk!
gayle quilt2
She still tells me every time she sees me that she loves her quilt. Again I used the burp method and tied the quilt. I actually planned and figured out sashing for this quilt.
gayle quit

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