Monday, October 20, 2008

Busy weekend

I've been busy this weekend, but I only have one finish to show for it. Thursday night I sewed with the girls at the store. Jen had sent me some beautiful fat quarters a couple months ago and I was scared to cut into them. They were so beautiful. I finally found a pattern for a bag called My Mom and Me. I cut the entire bag out and started sewing. I got the sides done before I had to quit for the night.
October '08 Quilts 006
October '08 Quilts 007

Friday I went out with my co-workers for an afternoon meeting. It was really nice to get to know them and discuss some of the issues we are dealing with. Paul and I went to supper and then to Cabela's to pick up his new hunting jacket. He was so excited since he had gotten several gift certificates to use toward it. This will be his first year deer hunting and my brother and him are taking a weeks vacation. Mom and I are going to enjoy a Hunters Widow weekend of quilting!

I came home and made a quick purse. It's from the magazine Quilts & Gifts by BHG. It went together in under two hours and it's the perfect small size purse. I used some leftover fabric from my Miranda bags that was already quilted, but it doesn't call for it to be quilted, so it sews up quick.
October '08 Quilts 001
October '08 Quilts 002
Sat. I worked all day and was completely exhausted when I got home, but I really wanted a new checkbook cover and wonder wallet. I used some more of my leftover fabric and made a wallet, a card holder, and a checkbook cover. These went together in under an hour.
October '08 Quilts 004
Sunday morning I was up early and went with Joan and my mom to a new quilt shop in the area. It was a small town show with wonderful customer service and a nice selection. I picked out the purple on the left for my Crown Royal quilts as well as a piece of black. Then I picked up the lavendar. It's one of my favorite prints, so I'll find some use for it.
October '08 Quilts 005
When I got home I helped my MIL put the binding on her quilt. I'm so proud of her for finishing it in only a month! Now on to our next project together.
While she was sewing, I quilted my two wall hangings. I did my smallest stipple so far on the wall hanging for the living room. It turned out pretty nice and I'm working on the binding at work.

October '08 Quilts 008
Then I quilted the wall hanging for my office. I tried to do a heart pattern on the borders. It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. It turned out okay, so I left it. I did loops in the center. I tried doing about 3" across and then back the bottom 3" and it worked really well. I was able to sew the bindings on last night and thought I was doing pretty well with the time, but it was close to 11, so I went to bed.

October '08 Quilts 009
October '08 Quilts 011
Tonight I relaxed and did a bit of hand sewing. I've been doing a lot of filing at work, so my wrists are pretty sore every night.
I talked to my brother last night and the hunters they pheasant hunt with brought me over 100 more Crown Royal bags, so I'm ready to get started on the boys quilts. They are going to be so cool!
My goals for this week include finishing the Charm Tote, starting the Crown Royal quilts, and finishing the back for my Happy Hour Quilt.


Suzan said...

Wow! You really WERE busy! Your quilting looks terrific. I think that when anyone first starts using a machine on a frame, each project gets better and better. I think they are like little confidence boosters!

Trish said...

Over a 100 Crown Royal bags?!! Wow, that's a lot of alcohol.. LOL! I can't wait to see the finished Crown Royal quilts.

Jennifer said...

Wow - you sure got a lot done. I like the purse...looks a lot like a Miranda bag. I also love the fabrics Jen sent you - can't wait to see what that one looks like.

Gina said...

Love the bag and the quilting.

Love and hugs Gina xx

Jackie said...

Love the reds, pinks and browns together. Everything looks fantastic!

Jen said...

I can't wait to see what comes out of the flirtations fabric!! The miranda's look great. Did you see Joan's got the mini coming out this month? It made me giggle cause you've already done it. Your quilting is really coming along!