Friday, October 31, 2008

Apron is done!

I finished my apron tonight and it was super simple! I love this pattern and it went together so fast. It's called Pocket Apron by Vanilla House Designs. I made the one with the sunflowers, but didn't put the little loops on it and only made 3 pockets so that I wouldn't disturb the panel. I used the Sharon Schambers method of binding and I think I'm a new fan! Wow, it was super simple, way cheaper, and turned out wonderfully. I had this done in under 3 hours, start to finish and I hand sewed all the binding down.

October 08 Quilts 001

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Regina said...

Wow - just caught up on a bunch of your posts- you have been BUSY! The Hunter's Widow weekend sounds DIVINE!!! - too bad my hubby doesn't hunt... (but then I would have the Munchkin anyway...)

Lovely colors on your quilt top and apron - that fabric is fun!