Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jan's Quilt as You Go Table Runner

Back in the day, okay not that long ago, but July 2005 just seems like so long ago now! I took a class on quilt as you go. My mom taught the class and I just happened to have the night off, so I could go. I was living at the dorms at Mt. Rushmore and was really into RWB. I also sewed in my dorm which was very unheard of with a bunch of college kids. I'm one who likes to go to a class and get the project completed. I don't want UFO's, so I worked my rear off to get this done in the 3 hour class. I got it all the way to the binding stage, but the class was over. I got home about 9:30 and stayed up until the binding was sewn on. I didn't have any particular person I was making it for, just using up my scraps and taking the class. My dorm mom was the greatest and I decided she needed it. She was so pleased that I had made it for her. I still absolutely love the stitch I used on the binding and my 6600 didn't have that one, so I'm thrilled to have my 3050 back so I can use this stitch. I used to have RWB scraps, but I used them all up, so I had to beg and borrow off mom to finish my latest project. It's completely done, label included now, so I just have to get it ready to ship. I'm so thrilled to have it completed.

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Kristie said...

Very nice!! I agree, I love the binding stitches, almost looks like stars when it is used with that fabric.