Monday, October 13, 2008

Crown Royal Pillows

Tonight I was able to finish up two pillows for my dad to take to the hunter who gave him the Crown Royal Bags. I made two different blocks and finally decided how I was going to make the quilts - I think. It will be different fabric and a couple different ways the colors are used, but basically a gold and black with the bags. Although I love the churn dash block, it was hard to cut the bags and not have trouble with the bias and it was taking two bags per block, so I decided to use a different pattern that I can get two blocks out of one bag. Here are the pillows together. I quilted the tops with batting and muslin backing and then a back on them. I serged around the edges, so they are finished on the inside.

October 08 Quilts 002
This is the first block I made several months ago to try out the pattern and see what color of fabrics I was going to put with them.
October 08 Quilts 004
This was my second attempt. I'm much happier with the gold on the block, though I may swap the black and gold colors.
October 08 Quilts 003


Gina said...

THey are lovely. I love the gold pillow

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Carol VR said...

I'm with Gina...LOVE the gold colour and I don't think I'd switch it with the black.

It gives it so much punch right now!!!

Trish said...

Again, love the gold colour. I'd also leave it next to the purple.

Regina said...

I like the gold pillow the way it is - lots of punch. Plus a pillow gets "handled" most around the edges and the black won't show up grime as quickly.

Jennifer said...

Great pillows..I second all the other comments about the gold one! Can't wait to see your quilt as it progresses.