Monday, October 27, 2008

Collegiate 4-H Quilt

During the summer of 2005, in the small confines of my dorm room at Mt. Rushmore I made this t-shirt quilt from the leftover scraps of my commission quilt. I had a bunch of t-shirts that I had collected while I was in Collegiate 4-H and I put them into a quilt. It turned out twin size as that was all the fabric that I had. Below are a couple different angles on it. I quilted it with lines through the center of each block and a decorative stitch around the border.



Jen said...

I think you've owned more t-shirts in say a 10 year span than I've had in my entire life! I don't even have enough to contemplate a quilt!

Kristie said...

Lovely! You are very good at making those t-shirt quilts! I have been saving shirts for Andrew one for his high school graduation. Right now he is a sophomore.