Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm creating...

Last night I sewed with the girls again. We had a great time and I was busy getting my Sunday Sewcial demo ready. I have 5 wallets at various stages of completion, so I'll be able to show how to make one start to finish. I was going to work on the Crown Royal quilts, honestly I was... I drug all the stuff there to work on them, but in the end I went out on a whim. I started a really awesome apron with the Bistro by Deb Strain line by Moda. These are the fabrics I'm using. The first is the background, the second the binding and tie, and the third I fussy cut for the pockets.I think it will turn out so cute! I'm hoping to have it done by Saturday, but we'll have to see. Part way through there is binding to be sewn down. So I stopped last night and I'm going to do it at lunch today. I've discovered I really don't mind binding as much as I thought I did. I bought a Nimble Thimble and my middle finger thanks me. I also bought some really sharp Milliners needles which help tremendously. So I'll have part of the binding done and be ready to sew the rest of the apron together tonight.
I had a great visit with a new lady who was at Wind Up last night. She's about my age and we really got along well. She's making her first quilt and doing a great job.

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Jen said...

Hey, when did you guys start carrying Moda? We're bringing that line out next month for Moda U. I get to do the presentation because everyone else will be at a Retreat....god help those in my class cause we all know that teacher I'm not!!!