Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Anniversary Quilt

In October 2004 my parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. It just happened to coincide with the auction sale of my Great-Great Uncle Hans. So we had a ton of family gathered for the sale. We all went out to the steakhouse the night before so we could catch up. We surprised my parents with a cake and cards. I had everyone sign a 4 1/2" block and I planned to put them into a quilt. In Jan. 2005 I finally got around to making them into a quilt. I used a thread spool pattern and blue and yellow since those were my parents wedding colors. It's about 36x45 wall hanging. I don't recommend doing the mitered corners on every block for one of your first quilts. It was a pain in the rear and I did a terrible job of piecing. I quilted it with hearts that I was going to free motion, but they looked horrible, so I drew them on and used the walking foot to quilt around each heart.


Corinna said...

The wall hanging for your parents looks great Moneik!
It's funny, MY parents had their
25th in NOV of 2004 and I made them a wall hanging with signatures! Our family is spread all across Canada so I did alot of mailing and planning to get it all to work. You can see it here:
If that doesn't work it's "kidscrayons" at webshots in the album just labeled "quilts".
Soo...they'll be having their 30th next year as will mine. Any plans? We had a party for their 25th but I'm not sure if we'll do that again or not.

Corinna said...

Nevermind, that was too complicated. I decided to post about it on my blog instead. lol

jillquilts said...

Mitered corners? IN each block? Crazy! They have patterns for spools using HSTs. That's how we did mine when I took the class at my quilt shop.

Jen said...

i'm impressed that you attempted mitered corners that early in the game! way to go!