Wednesday, October 01, 2008

September Quilting Accomplishments

I really felt like I accomplished a lot compared to August. I was so sluggish then with only 24 hours, so things took a good turn in Sept. and I got most of the things done that I had set out to complete. I kept track on my quilting time on my Intl Quilt Assoc. calendar at work. I would write down my hours the next morning and it was easy to see how much time I was accumulating. I would say my 83.5 hours in Sept. were more realistic of the time I normally spend quilting in a month. There were 4 days I didn't quilt... the day I was helping my mom clean, the night I had supper at my bosses house, the night we went on a date, and the one day my machine was in the shop.

My September Quilting Accomplishments:
~Finished up my mom's Sewing Room Clean Sweep
~Had PJ day at Strip Club
~Helped my MIL start making a quilt called Jungle Fever
~Finished Friendship Quilt- hand sewed the binding on - pictures to be posted upon arrival - Picture of the Border Fabric
~Janome 6600 - Elaine, Sewing Error - E1 , spent a day in the shop for a new fuse.
~Finished 3 year old UFO - Mt. Rushmore Quilt on Jim - Hand sewed the flag binding
~Finished the picture/signature quilt with Karen for Blake the DL Pres. who is leaving
~Made PJ pants for me, shorts for hubby, and cut out a pair for my little bro
~Cut out two pillowcases, one for friend, one for MIL - sewed one.
~Started to Miranda bags and a mini miranda bag

October Projects:
Finish Miranda bags
Finish wall hanging for living room
Finish backing for happy hour quilt and quilt
Finish Molly's bib
Make Brown Charm Tote bag
Make Pheasant Wall hanging
Make Wolf Wall hanging
Make Apron for Tie One on Day
Help MIL finish Jungle Fever
Make Aunt Eva's Quilt with MIL
Make Crown Royal Quilts
Quilt Mom's starry night quilt
Quilt Mom's Garden Lattis Quilt
Other random quilts to quilt
Start Christmas Gift List

On the work front I finally am finished training the girl who took my position and I'm completely moved into my new office. Although it doesn't have windows, I have four white walls to fill with quilts! I've found a lot of people visit me just to see the quilts and are starting to get to know me through my quilts. I'm really enjoying having a private office for the first time! Although I'm super busy, I really enjoy the work and the day goes by quickly so I'm ready to quilt when I get home. I'm looking for a second machine, but so far the dealer doesn't have what I want. I'll hold out till I find the machine of my dreams. I'm conjuring up a pattern in my mind and once I get these projects done I made start on it. Why can't 1/8 yard be 5"??? It would make designing so much simpler!

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Jennifer said...

Wow Moneik - I can't believe how much time you get in for quilting in a month! Can't wait to see how your list progresses this month - what's "Tie one on" day?