Monday, October 13, 2008

Lots accomplished!

I feel like I got accomplished this weekend and then when I look back I can't remember what I did on Friday! So it has taken me all weekend to remember and finally I figured out why I didn't take pictures. Friday night I set out to finish up a few projects that were cut out and just hanging in lala land. I knew I had to put up my serger, but since my 6600 wasn't set up, I had room to do it Fri. night. I finished a pair of boxers, except for the elastic, for my little bros b-day present, then made a pillowcase for a good friend (can't show in case she happens to read this) and then had enough fabric for a pillowcase to match the boxers, so I whipped that up too. I used my new machine Marie for the decorative stitching with a YLI thread and it turned out great on my friends pillowcase. Then I whipped up a few giftcard holders. They are my newest favorite gift giving idea. I took a few to the store on Sat. I think I'll be demoing in the near future. Check out the new F&P Love of Quilting Easy Quilts Winter Edition - purple header on it for the instructions to make these super fast gift card holders. I left them at the store, so no pictures of the new ones.
Sat. I was at work until 5:30, but came home and Paul had supper ready, so by 6 I was done eating and ready to start quilting. I decided to put Elaine (6600) on my frame Jim (I finally picked out names!) and got everything set up to quilt my mom's spring trellis quilt. It's a top she made three years ago when my grandparents died and she doesn't care for it, so she gave it to me to practice on. I didn't enjoy piecing the back and wasn't real interested in quilting it, but I did get some practice in on flowers. I'm so not good at them at all.
October 08 Quilts 001
The fabric wasn't very good quality and some of it was almost see through, but it's done and I got some good practice quilting in. It's all ready to give back to her for binding to be applied.
October 08 Quilts 003
Sat. night when I could quilt any more, I put the borders on this wall hanging for our living room. I was going to quilt it yesterday, but I realized it's 45" square and I didn't have enough backing fabric. Then I hung it up on the wall and it's attrociously too big for the space we have, so I'm taking it apart and going to make it smaller and then quilt it.
October 08 Quilts 006
After I got off work on Sunday I went to Fabric Warehouse. I had a coupon for 50% off one item and I had the fabric picked out for a couple quilts I'm making for Christmas. I could get up to 8 yards, so that's what I did. I'm sure it will be plenty, but don't want to run out. Now I just need to get some black on sale and I'll be on my way to finishing these two quilts for Christmas. Then I made a quick stop at Hancock's for a wool batting, some more warm and natural and a couple pillow forms. Everything was 50% off! I'm making the pillows for a guy that hunts with my dad and brothers. He and his friend sent me 125 Crown Royal bags to make quilts for my brothers and dad wanted pillows made out of a couple for him. So I am using the couple practice blocks I made for a couple pillows for him. I have one almost done and the other just about finished. Opening Pheasant Hunting weekend is this coming weekend, so I need them done this week so dad can take them to him.
My favorite part of the weekend was Sunday night. My MIL has been working on a quilt for the past month or so. She had all but the last 6 blocks done and on Sat. while I was gone she finished them up. Then she squared them all up and sewed them into the top on Sun. while I was working. When I got home last night I helped her put the borders on. The top is completely finished! Tonight she is going to make the back and we are going to quilt it. She's never quilted on the frame, but I think with a little practice she'll be able to quilt it herself. I'm so happy to see this quilt almost finished. It's lap size. Then we are going to make a queen size one together for her bed. We have all the fabric bought, but she wanted to practice first, so she made a lap size one.


Gina said...

No don't make it smaller. Send it to me and then make yourself another one. LOL

love and hugs Gina xxx

Trish said...

I recognize that pattern! It turned out really nice. Beautiful fabrics.