Thursday, October 16, 2008

Second Class

My second class was far more of a challenge than any beginner quilter should ever endure! It was the same weekend as the first, an all day Sunday class at the Badlands Quilters Escape Retreat. Mom and I were taking this one together too. It was a flag floating in the air. You could make it with a cross in the center or not. I chose not to put the cross in the center as I thought that was too hard. (Mom didn't finish hers). We cut out all these little pieces and then turned them under and appliqued them to the background. Then using a free motion foot, I went around each of the red pieces free motion stitching. It was a pain in the neck! I know the biggest lesson I learned from the teacher (I think her name was Ann from Pierre), was how to make binding. She showed us how to make the diagonal, sew to the back and wrap to the front. I've gotten tons better, but she truly helped me learn how to do binding and make it look nice without having to hand sew. Had I not learned this. I may never have started quilting or at least finishing as much as I have. This one is huge... about 45x55, but I do hang it in my office in Nov., May, July, & Sept.

flag quilt

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