Sunday, October 19, 2008

4-H Quilt

This quilt was made for a very close friend of mine. She commissioned me to make it shortly after she got married. She ordered the 4-H clover fabric online and it was completely perfect for this quilt as it was all her old 4-H t-shirts. She was in to 4-H as big as I was, only she was in MN. We met in college and both were in Collegiate 4-H. I ended up making the quilt, two pillowcases, and the two throw pillows that I had picked up from Joann's that were 4-H related. I was going to mail them to her, but my grandma's aunt died and I ended up traveling with my grandparents to MN and we met up with my friend so I could hand them off and not have to pay shipping. It's about a twin size. Grandma and mom helped me tie this one as well with a green yarn. This was in my pre-quilting days.

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Jen said...

Dang, how do you get so many peopole to commission you do do things??