Friday, October 31, 2008

October Quilting Accomplishments

October was good to me! I feel like I got a lot accomplished and yet I only had 3 days off workall month, so I was busy too. I quilted 101 hours in October! There was only one day I didn't do any quilting, because I worked and then went to my parents house.

I finished most of the things on my October Quilting list or at least worked on them, so I'm proud of myself.

October Quilting List
Boxers/Pillowcase for Ed - DONE
Pillowcase for FQHR - DONE
2 Crown Royal Pillows for Hunters - DONE
Finish 2 Miranda bags - DONE
~ Turned mini Miranda into another purse - DONE
Finish wall hanging for living room - DONE
~ Ended up making 2 wall hangings - both DONE
Finish backing for happy hour quilt and quilt - working on backing, about half done with piecing!
Make Brown Charm Tote bag - DONE
Finish Molly's bib - DONE
Make Pheasant Wall hanging
Make Apron for Tie One on Day - DONE
Make Wolf Wall hanging - Traced and Ironed on Applique pieces, need to be cut out
Help MIL finish Jungle Fever - DONE!
Make Aunt Eva's Quilt with MIL
Make Crown Royal Quilts - Fabric Purchased and ready to start
Quilt Mom's Garden Lattis Quilt - DONE
Quilt Mom's starry night quilt - not a top priority - need to take out pin basting.

Other Accomplishments:
Wonder Wallets for Demo
Visited Badlands Quilting
Bought New Sewing Machine - Marie a JN3050DC!
Wrote Bias Binding Tutorial
Started My Old Quilts Series
Wonder Wallet, Checkbook cover, and Giftcard Holder
Received more Crown Royal bags from the hunters
Wrote my Christmas gift list - now to get it all done!

My November Goals aren't quite as lofty, but I do hope to get them all done or at least a good start.
- Paul's Wolf Wall Hanging
- Finish backing for Happy Hour, Quilt and Bind
- Pheasant Wall Hanging
- Two Deer Head Pillows
- Courier Bag Class
- Crazy Eights Table Topper Class
- Aunt Eva's Quilt w/MIL
- Two or Three Crown Royal Quilts
- Bounce Ball
- PJ Pants for Little Bro
- Mom and Me Loralie Design Quilts

That should keep me busy through November! Next weekend is Hunter's Widow Weekend and mom and I planning a quilt retreat. We are both making Loralie Design Quilts. We don't have a pattern yet, but we're going to make the tops next weekend. We both have Sun. & Mon. off so it'll be a nice long weekend. Paul will be spending the whole first week of hunting season with my little brother, so I'll have lots of sewing time! I'm really looking forward to this little break and lots of quilting time.

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