Monday, January 21, 2008

My pickup stole my new quilt frame!

Well I am again saving for a quilt frame! On Thursday my pickup decided not to start, so I took Paul's to work and had my brother look at mine. Wouldn't you know the fuel pump went out. This was a very expensive part ($625), plus labor because my brother was on call and couldn't fix it. But he got it in to a shop he used to work at and they fixed it and gave me a deal, so I was happy! There went my quilt frame money though. Needless to say my gas gage works again and for that I am really happy!
Saturday morning Paul and I had to got to Hot Springs (about 2 hours away) for a Natural Family Planning seminar. It's a requirement to get married in my church, so we went and got it done. They are only held every other month and we didn't want to wait until the last minute. We were home by 2 in the afternoon, so it wasn't too bad. My aunt and I met at the new Quilt Corral and checked it out. I know I am going to be spending to much time and money there! It is really awesome. My aunt Jane and I then went to Ben Franklin and Hobby Lobby in search of flowers for the wedding. It was a very daunting task and I didn't realise it would be. I guess I just wasn't mentally prepared. I think we finally found what we were looking for, but now just have to wait until they go on sale.
Sun. morning I got up to about 2in. of snow on the grown and it was still snowing. It was actually a really pretty snow. I went to church and when I got home Paul had made breakfast burritos and pancakes for breakfast. He got ready and we went to town to register for our wedding. We wanted to get it done while we weren't so busy so we didn't feel rushed. Since it was snowing, most of the stores weren't real busy either. We registered at Someone's in the Kitchen, Target, and Kohl's. All in all we were gone almost 6 hours. It sure is interesting to go register and mentally exhausting. We have to fix a few things online, but the one site wasn't working right and said we wanted 4 of the same comforter. I don't think so! At least we got the majority of it done and we actually had a fun time doing it. I really wanted to sew last night, but I was just too tired to do anything but watch TV.


Jen said...

=( Sorry about your quilt frame. Yeah registering sucks the life out of you. You did register for multiple towels right? We had a friend register for one bath towel, one hand towel, one wash cloth, one kitchen towel. It was pretty funny becuse we spread a rumor to make sure they only got the one of each! LOL.

Carol Van Rooy said...

It will all be well worth the exhaustion in the end. When it's all done and over you'll look back and laugh at all the trivial things that pop up with planning a wedding.

Kristie said...

I hate to hear about your truck trouble! It seems something always comes up with us too.

Sounds like you had very busy past few days. Your wedding will be here before you know it.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

There is just so much that needs to be done before a wedding but just remember to take time just to enjoy these things too. Before you know it the big day will be here. Isn't it always the way with life. You start to save for one thing and then something always comes up and there goes the money.

Maureen said...

Getting ready for the wedding and registering is quite exhausting...Mark and I were just talking about it the other day and how much work it was.

Sorry to hear about your truck...when my car had the fuel pump go Mark decided to save us money and do it was quite the project and it was a lot of work! He saved us about $800 in labor.

kt said...

that stinks about your quilt frame. my DH just got something fixed on his car... thought we could get it on warranty (he has about 100 miles left on it), but it didn't apply so we probably got overcharged for it at the dealership. such is life.

my DH and I registered at target and absolutely loved it. it was so easy and everything we got from there was perfect. a lot of variety, too. the online registering is easy - I never went into the store for *any* of my stuff. :)

best of luck!!