Thursday, January 24, 2008

Eye Doctor and Fall

So all my mom's- my mom, my future MIL, and the two ladies I'm friends with at work who are moms, all kept bugging me to go to the doctor about the infection I had under my eye. So I made the appointment and went on Mon. He gave me ointment to put on and said it would be best to wear my glasses and not get the ointment on my contacts. He also gave me a new prescription for contacts. When they optical place wanted to charge me almost $20 per box more (and I get 4 boxes) than I could get them online, I said I don't think so and took my prescription. That's like highway robbery if you ask me! So I went home Mon. and took my contacts out and put the ointment on. I sewed my YBR and felt fine.
Tues. morning I wear my glasses, which by the way I normally only wear to bed. I don't really look that hideous in them, but I don't care for wearing them. But I want to get this infection cleared up, so I wear them. I'm on the computer all day at work and so with the glare, I was really getting a headache. About 9:45 I went to go to the bathroom and there were a couple people visiting in the hall, so I stopped to see what was going on. All of a sudden when I went to take another step I twisted my ankle and fell backwards on my wrist. I don't know really what happend, but because everyone saw it, it was reported to HR and I had to fill out the Workers Compensation forms, talk to the rep from there, and so on and so forth. By noon though I wasn't feeling real great and pretty much attributed it to my glasses. I ended up going home and sleeping all afternoon. Yesterday I still didn't feel like myself and ended up staying home sick. I slept all day and finally by the evening was doing better. My mom came out to check on me and I put my contacts in and I felt a lot better. We worked on the tablerunners and got those to the binding stage. Only 10 left to bind. This morning I'm feeling a lot better and my contacts are in and I put the ointment on too and my eye is looking a lot better. So maybe this weekend I can get the borders on my YBR quilts.
The Black Hills Stock Show starts tomorrow, so we'll be busy with that for the next week.


Maureen said...

Ohh I hope your eye gets better fast. I know it's a pain.

I love my glasses and don't like to wear my contacts...I know I'm weird.


Kristie said...

You poor thing!! I hate that you have had such a bad time the past few days. I hope you didn't hurt your wrist too bad. Just take it easy and don't overdo it.

Is your eye infection getting better? Do they know what caused it or if it will come back? Sorry, I guess that is just too many questions, but I imagine it would be quite painful with it being in your eye.

Heather said...

Ouch on both accounts.. How is your ankle and wrist doing? I see your making great progress on your wedding projects.. Hope your feeling better have fin at the stock show. Maybe this year I'll get to go to California's Cow Palace.. LOL


Carol Van Rooy said...


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Wow! You had a tuff week there! Hope you are much better and can enjoy the weekend. Let's hope next week is better for you too!
Regina in MI

Jen said...

I hope you're eye is getting better. I would have put off going too!!!