Monday, January 07, 2008


I haven't heard much rumbling in blogland about the amaryllis plants, but I just wanted to say mine is over 26" tall and blooming! I thought it would be out today, but it's not quite open. It was fun to watch it, even though it didn't bloom by Christmas.
I haven't done a whole lot quilt related in the past few days. Sat. Paul and I went to the Bridal Showcase. I am shocked at the cost of photography! I think I should go into that career in my next life. It's over 1200 just for the photographer, before pictures, mileage, or more than 2 hours. Seriously there is no way we could have the photographer at the pictures beforehand and the wedding and do it in under 2 hours! It would cost more for the photography, than for the entire wedding!! So after being very dismayed, we decided that we'll have to find a budding photographer, or my brother offered to take some pictures on his new digital camera. I think we may have like 3 friends take pictures and hope for the best.
My brother Ed and Paul fixed my pickup powersteering line and Paul's pickup fan pully or something like that on Sat. afternoon. Sun. we were up at crack of dawn and picked up Ed to go ice fishing. It was about 40 degrees, but the wind was kind of blowing. We didn't have very good luck. We came home and took naps.
Tonight I did a bunch of calling for the wedding and then I cut all the light fat quarters for my two YBR quilts. I got a little sore, so I had to quit. I'll do the others tomorrow night.


Michelle said...

Yes, photographer's are expensive. Louie used to do it as a hobby years ago. Do you know how many relatives of the bride and groom thought they could be bossy and tell him what to do?

One time, after the wedding, the bride came to the door, looked at her pictures, and said she didn't like them, even though there was nothing wrong with them. Louie told her that if she didn't like them, she didn't have to pay for them, so she proceeded to leave............WITH THE PICTURES!
Remember, this was a sideline hobby, so what could he do? After awhile, he gave it up.

Moral of the story.........just because we are nice, we think everyone is, and that is just NOT true. There are a lot of people out there who want something for nothing, and will do whatever it takes, moral or not to get it. In the photographer's defense, most of them spent thousands and thousands on their equipment, and even though you don't see it, a lot of time preparing before and after. They actually do earn their money.

BUT, there are other alternatives that work as well. I'm sure your brother can get some awesome pictures with his digital camera, and with today's technology, you can get some very nice pictures.

Here is something else to think about. Buy several disposable cameras, and put them on all of the tables at the reception, and tell your friends and relatives to just 'click away'. Then, collect them all and develop them all, and you should have some wonderful memories!

Kristie said...

I couldn't afford a professional photographer for my wedding. My aunt does that as a hobby, I bought the film and she took the photos. They turned out very well in the end. I think sometimes they look more natural. We did pose for a few of them and they turned out great.

Cindy said...

Hi, I admit I've been lurking but did want to say congrats on the engagement :0) (If I already haven't):) Anyway, you really are busy planning! I was very disappointed with the photographer for our wedding. He either used no lighting or really poor lighting, can't remember, anyway, they turned out really dark. Nothing to do about it as the wedding was long over. He was a professional too! He was old in age and maybe over confident, so maybe a budding photographer would be better. They tend to want to make sure they do a great job to build a good reputation :0) Good luck!

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Pictures are rediculous in price. Jen and Mike have great pictures but I wonder how many times in these last years they've actually looked at their albumn. I look at the ones that she gave me and I have a few small ones in frames. Maybe someone new to the game is the way to go or your brother. Whoever does it give them a list of certain pictures that you want taken ahead of time. Once the wedding is over you can't recreate it.

Maureen said...

Goodness knows I remember all the information and costs and research that we had to do for our wedding...I know it's a lot of work!

Could you please post a picture of your amayrillis?

quiltin cntrygrl said...

I was going to suggest the same thing as michelle. My younger brother has decided when they finally get married they are going to put a disposiable camera (they sell special wedding ones) on every table. You get unpredictable, candid pictures of everyone. I'm sure one of your family members will take great formal pictures of the wedding party. I did the flower arrangements, bouquets, boutineers (spelling) for my older brothers wedding. I was in floral class at school and they loved it.