Monday, January 21, 2008

February Calendar

I have always loved Valentine's Day, since it's my birthday and my last name is Harty, pronounced heart-e and our brand has a heart shape and then a T after it, I decorate heavily for the whole month. This is my calendar top for February. I am not quite done, but this is as far as I got in the class last week.
januaryquilts 002


Michelle said...

Nice nice nice!!!!!

Kristie said...

That is sooooo cute!!!

Jen said...

I remembered you saying that your birthday was on the 14th but the whole Harty thing never dawned on me. that is CUTE!!

Regina said...

Love this! My birthday is the 18th, DS is the 22nd and DH is the 28th, so we celebrate the month. February is the BEST!