Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007 Quilting and Sewing in Review

This year flew by just as quickly as the last and I'm sure next year will as well. Luckily since my mom is awesome she got me a quilt journal several years ago to record my first quilt ever, a King Size t-shirt quilt of all my shirts from high school. Needless to say I was very active and had tons of shirts! I made it out of flannel (hey I didn't know any better) and it's really warm. I made it in my freshman/sophomore years in college, on breaks and during the summer. From there I took a couple classes at a quilt retreat and was hooked. Since I didn't have my own machine, I had to use mom or grandmas. I made a commissioned quilt for a lady in town and loved every minute of it, learning a lot about making t-shirt quilts. So I made a lot with the Brother machine I got for College graduation from my grandparents, aunts, and uncles. In Nov. 2004 I upgraded to a Janome 3050 and continued sewing a lot. Last December I filled up that first quilt journal (you know the green kind found in a lot of the sewing/quilting stores). So I asked for a new one for Christmas. I started quilting in 1998 and finished that book in 2006. Mom gave me a new one and I've been busy filling it this year. Guess what? It's full! I completely filled the whole book in 2007. So I'm on a quest to find another quilt journal tonight. I am starting off this year with a new book I hope to fill as well.
2007 quilting/sewing in a review:
- 2 baby quilts
- 18 tablerunners
- 17 wall hangings
- 10 postcards
- 5 full size quilts
- 11 purses
- 4 bags
- 6 blocks
- 7 pieces of clothing- pants, dress, jackets, & vests
- ironing board cover
- 3 pillowcases
- treeskirt


Kristie said...

You sure have been busy! At the rate you are going, I think you had better buy 2 quilt juournal tonight. You will fill them up fast.

Jen said...

Yep journals fill up fast. I have a scrapbook that covers my first few years. Now I just look at my blog as my journal.

I don't wnat to total it all up because you'd all think I was a freak!!

Cindy said...

You've been one very busy lady. I've never kept a quilting journal, hmmmmmmmmm maybe I should give it some thought for the new year.

Maureen said...

Wow you sure have been busy! I think you need to buy bigger journals or get two! You will fill them up fast!

I have two journals that I haven't used ... Maybe one of these days I will start! I keep thinking I have to go back and fill in all of the stuff I did which would be impossible.

ZONE F DG TEAM said...

You've been TAGGED. Check out my blog for details.