Friday, May 29, 2009

40th Quilt, Quilted!

In the 10 months I've had my quilt frame, I've learned a lot! This past weekend I quilted my 40th quilt on the frame. I feel like I am still not where I would like to be with my tension, but I'm doing better and each quilt is getting better. I look back at some of my first quilts and shake my head, but that's how you learn. I have several quilts cut out now and I'm ready to start making them up, so I think I'll give the frame a rest for a while.
July Quilts 055
My quilt frame has really helped me produce more quilts and I enjoy quilting them now. I also have taken on way more than I thought possible. I counted up my UFO's recently and they were over 20! This is so unlike me, that my co-workers at the shop said I was finally starting to act like a quilter. Although they did give me a hard time about throwing too big of scraps in the puppy pillow planter. My current projects... those I'm working on right now are a Professional Tote, Happy Hour quilt, Wonder Blocks' quilt, binding Pop Parade, and designing a charm purse for June Bag Ladies. I don't know what I'll do first, but I won't have much time this weekend as we are heading out to the ranch.


Jennifer said...

Wow - 40 quilts in 10 months - that is amazing. Congratulations on all you've done. And good luck on those UFOs...I just don't count!

Jen said...

Wow, 40 quilts is an awesome start. Way to go! You're doing great! Don't you feel like you've learned a crazy amount??