Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Peeps Retreat Day 6 - Monday

The final day of my wonderful vacation had to come, but it was a sad day. I had to say goodbye to my awesome and amazing friends. Jen, Jill, and I went out to breakfast at Bob Evans before they took me back to the airport. We went through 3 states just to get to the airport! After I got checked in, we went to one of the gift shops so I could pick up a shot class and Jill was telling us about the flying pigs in Cincinatti. We said our goodbyes and then they waited for me as I went through security and I found my way to my gate. As I was waiting I had a couple chair massages which were awesome. Jen and Jill made their way to the quilt shop in Kentucky on their way home. I get a text that Jill had found the cowboys fabric I had been wanting all weekend. So a few texts later she told me she had gotten it for me! I was so super excited. What an awesome friend!

My flights were fast back to SD and I arrived just before 3PM. I stopped at the shop and visited with mom and the ladies, before heading home for a nap. I was exhausted!!
My trip to OH was jammed pack with lots of fun and friendship and I couldn't have asked to meet a better group of women. I have over 400 pictures in my webshots album of all the great projects and fun we had. I received my boxes that Jill shipped to me on Thursday, so I didn't have to wait long to show my family what amazing gifts I received from my peeps and what fun things I bought along the way.

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Jen said...

I so don't do airports well. If Jill hadn't been making fun of me I soooo would have had tears rolling down my cheeks.