Tuesday, May 05, 2009

April Quilting Accomplishments!

I feel like I didn't finish anything in April, but in actuality I just didn't complete things, but I got a lot of sewing done.

Clownin' Around Triple Treat Petite - Top Done
Professional Tote - Done!
Leslie's Purse - Done
Quilt UFO & Bind - Jen's Friendship Quilt - Done
Pay it Forward Gifts - 2 Done and given, 1 more to go
Thangles BOM - HST made
Ingrid Barlow Boxed Blessings - 3/4 Done
Sassy Bag - 2 Done
Storm at Sea
Courier Bag - Cut Out

I also had a great time at the retreat and met some of the most amazing and talented quilters. I can see that May will have me accomplishing more finishes, but I love how much I got done in my 125 hours in April.

May Goals
Finish borders on Clownin' Around, Quilt & Bind
Finish borders, quilt, and bind Leslie's Quilt
Finish Boxed Blessings, quilt and bind
Make Signature quilt, quilt and bind
Work on Thangles BOM
Make Courier Bag


Jen said...

I still say you got a lot done!!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I'm with Jen...you did get a lot done! And you went to retreat on top of it all! Yay!