Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day Weekend

This weekend I took off from work early on Sat. and we went to my parents for the weekend. On our drive Sat. afternoon it rained off an on, but at one point we saw this beautiful rainbow spanning the horizon. The best part was you could see all the colors, both ends, and the top, which I rarely see. Since we were driving I couldn't quite get a picture of both ends. When we got home, Paul installed the quilt rack he made for my mom for Mother's Day. It's awesome! I have pictures, but they haven't uploaded yet.
We planned to go home this weekend because my little bro also had the weekend off and wanted to have a family shooting event. He had bought 3 boxes of clay pigeons and we were shooting them. Paul was using his new shotgun and the shell release stuck, so he'll have to get it fixed. He used my dad's double barrel and got quite a few pigeon's. Clay pigeons are round disks the size of a small planter bottom and they are painted neon orange, so you can see to shoot them.
He shot quite a few of them, as did both my bros. I shot Ed's new 12 gauge and I hit more than I missed, which was pretty good considering how many my bros missed. I have a very sore shoulder today though, since it has no butt pad, and has a kick to it. We had a lot of fun and I got a nice sunburn on my head. We spent the afternoon at the river fishing and I took quite a few pictures of the full river, but they haven't uploaded yet.
We had lunch at my bro & SIL's house so I took a picture of the pillows I had made them for Christmas. It's the first time I remembered to get a picture for my journal.


Jen said...

Those pillows are great! How does shooting work into Mother's day?? :). The only thing I've ever shot is a red ryder BB gun!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Those pillows are so neat.. Have I mentioned that one room mate left for deployment and Keith is talking about asking george to move out or He and I going our own way.. I can't wait.. things have been messed up the last couple of weeks but soon Keith is going to set up my sewing room.. he wants to clean up the carpets and stuff before we move my stuff in the new room.. I'm so excited.