Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Our Wedding Quilt

Several years ago... well probably around the end of September 2007 after Paul and I had gotten engaged, Jen contacted my mom through The Sewing Center where she worked and wanted to make a bridal quilt for me. Jen & Mom had friends, family, and co-workers make 6 1/2" blocks from the Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks and sent them to Jen. Then Jen made signature blocks and sent them for people to sign at my bridal shower and our wedding shower.
When I decided to go to the Peeps Retreat, Jen got busy and finished the quilt. It's super awesome and so incredibly special. Paul made a special quilt rack to hang on the wall in our bedroom, to display it.
We brought it to retreat and my peeps signed the signature blocks too. After the quilt was done, Jen found 9 blocks that Jill had made, so she whipped up this wall hanging to go with it.

Moneik, Jen, & Jill with the wall hanging.
Thanks to all my friends, family, online friends, and co-workers who made blocks, signed blocks, and participated in this amazing gift. Thanks to Jen for all the work she did to organize and make this very special and treasured wedding present for us.


Jen said...

I'm still shocked that it turned out as cool as it did. Ok, that doesn't sound good!! What I mean is with all the different styles of blocks and all of the different colors of fabrics...I was scared!! I'm so glad its now in your hands!!

Erin (Vesuviusmama) said...

How COOL!! It looks fantastic! Jen did a wonderful job. I was starting to wonder if we would ever get to see the finished product...I had to go back to my photos to remember which four blocks I sent in, but I was able to find them. Congrats!