Monday, May 04, 2009

Peeps Retreat Day 4- Saturday

After a two hour nap, I was awaken and ready to start sewing again. I worked on a cutting all my Thangles HST's apart. Then I worked on the pie pin cushion Jen had brought for us. I got mine done and then I moved on to a couple runaround bags for Jill and Cindy.
I also showed Jennifer N. how easy runaround bags are to make.
I started on my Boxed Blessings quilt and got the squares all done on Sat. It was a late night, about 2 AM before we called it a night, but we were all having so much fun.
I also won one of the Fabric Calculators, so I was super excited. I already had one, but I wanted a new one. I gave my old one to a friend, and I hope she'll get a lot of use out of it as well as she is new to quilting.

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Jen said...

Giggle, why did I never think to make a run around out of a cool batik? I think I'll have to play a bit!!