Friday, May 15, 2009

Leslie's Quilt

Last week Paul and I were discussing Mother's Day gifts and he was working on a quilt rack for my mom. So I said I would finish up his mom's quilt for her. She had done the main blocks and put them together, but it needed borders and to be quilted. I put the borders on, loaded it on the frame last Thurs. and have been quilting on it ever since. We were gone for the weekend, so I didn't really start quilting it till Monday night, then worked on it for 3+ hours Wed. night and last night I finally finished the quilting. This is the quilt. We started with the black flowery asian print and the red butterfly print and went from there.
Here's a close up of the quilting. I did a meander all over it. It's 90x108" so probably the biggest I have done so far. It has a different batting which was thicker, so I was about at the limit for my machine. His mom loves it and can't wait to use it, so I'll work on the binding this weekend and then make her curtains and pillowcases to go with it.


jillquilts said...

Looks great!

Jennifer said...

It looks great - what a nice present for her.

Jen said...

Gosh, I know how excited you are to be done with this project. What a relief!!!