Monday, May 04, 2009

Peeps Retreat Day 3 - Friday Day

Friday morning we slept in and when we finally got moving I put the binding on Linda's quilt while everyone was showering. By 11 we were all packed and ready to go. Jennifer's van was packed:
More of Jennifer's Van:
Regina's car was packed:
Jen's Pickup was packed to the top of the box:
And in the backseat too! Jill's car was also packed to the hilt.
I rode with Jennifer and we followed Jill and Cindy, and Regina A and Sherry were behind us. Jen B. somehow got lost and found her own way to the retreat. The rest of us had breakfast at a Bob Evans.
On our way north to the retreat we saw this along the side of the road:
It's Jesus coming out of the water and it's bigger than the buildings surrounding it. You can't see the water, but there is a big pond and the cross is at the bottom of the picture, just before the concrete wall. I called it Touch Down Jesus because that's what it reminds me of.


Jamie said...

The Jesus statue is something else isn't it? I see it all the time, but it gives me the creeps for some reason, and your right it does remind you of a touchdown lol. There is a picture of it floating around the net somewhere where someone edited in a Cincy Bengals sign in between his hands lol

Nichole said...

You found another TD Jesus? Wow - I still think of the TD Jesus in Brookings at the First Lutheran Church :).

Jen said...

Wait, you have more than one td jesus in your life??

and you call that sleeping in?? are you nuts!!