Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Colts & The River & Mom's Quilt Racks

On Mother's Day, after lunch and a nap, we went by my cousin Tommy & Alice's place and saw Alice's new colts. She has about a half dozen so far. They are so pretty to look at, but they were hungry and mostly hid from me. They are in the pen between two barns and the windbreak protects them.

Then we headed down to the Cheyenne River. We went to a bit different spot because it had rained and we couldn't get to our normal spot because it is all curvy dirt roads. This was a great spot and easy to get to, but the river had come out of the banks about a month ago, so we had to be careful of the cut banks. The first two are pictures as we were coming down the hill to the river. The Cheyenne River is a major river in SD and eventually flows in to the Missouri river north of Pierre, which then flows in to the Mississippi.
On the left side of the picture you can see the cut banks. The river was completely over the sand bars on the right side of the picture from all runoff of all the snow/rain/blizzards we had this winter.
The river was clear back in those trees for quite a ways too. We were fishing by the trees. It's about 6 foot down to the river, so it was definately really high and fast moving when it came out over the banks. It was really peaceful down there, but since it was mid day we didn't catch much. Catfish like the early morning or late night. We'll probably end up going back later this year.
After fishing we went back to mom and dad's for supper. Paul had hung mom's quilt rack he had made for her for Mother's Day on the wall. This is the prototype, but he's planning to make more, just has to work on the design a bit.
We centered it under the heater, but the china cabinet has to move. We hung it there until we have a bit more time to move it. This quilt is a friendship quilt from the Wall Quilt Guild. It has a pocket in each heart for a little special gift from each member, so it needed to hang upright.
This is the standing quilt rack he made her for Christmas. It's a heart shape and the quilt hangs through it. This one is a friendship quilt from the Black Hills Quilters Guild.


Jen said...

I loved seeing those pictures!! The dirt road part makes me cringe though...ok a different phase comes to mind but isn't sutible to lesave as a comment. Giggle

Cindy said...

Great scenery pictures it looks so very peaceful. The quilt racks that Paul made are great and so are the quilts hanging on them.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Great post! Beautiful country and I love those quilt racks. Paul's a pretty handy guy, it seems!

Piwacket said...

What a glorious place to live in. The quilt racks are great.