Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Peeps Retreat Day 5 - Sunday

Sunday morning I awoke just in time for breakfast. It was another wonderful, filling meal. Then I was ready to tackle my Pop Parade- Boxed Blessings blocks. I spent all day working on them and only got about 3/4 done before it was time to quit and pack up our stuff. We took lots of pictures of the peeps too!
Jen, Jill, & Moneik
Regina D/S, Jen, Moneik, Regina A, Jill
cindy quilt retreat 159
I rode back to Jill's with Jen and Sherry which was a lot of fun. Angry White Woman sure has some great stories to tell! Some how we missed the turn and went the wrong way, but with the GPS we found our way back to Best Friends, the shop Jill works at. I saw so many cute fabrics, but had to refrain as I knew I had way too much stuff. I did pick up a pattern for a purse I'm really looking forward to trying.
We had supper at Panera Breads which was a treat for me and then headed back to Jill's. I packed up my stuff and got ready to send some home. It was 1:30AM before we headed to bed, but we were having so much fun talking & laughing. Jen and Jill couldn't understand why we watch the local news, so I said "because it's stuff that really happens"... they thought this was hysterical!

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