Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pfeifer Wedding

Saturday Mom, Dad, and I attended the wedding of my second cousin Justin and his new wife Jenny. They got married in Terrace Park in Sioux Falls. It was a beautiful day!
They poured sand into the vase with the P on it during the ceremony. My cousins were laughing because I was convinced I needed the same vase with an M on it at Hobby Lobby that morning for my fish. Macie kept telling me it was too small, so I didn't end up getting it. I still love the vase though!
My mom's cousin Sue's family was there, so we spent a lot of time with them. Bryan, Molly, Macie, and I together in this picture outside the KC hall where the reception was held.
We added a few more, Tyler - Molly's husband on the left, and Austin another cousin on the right.
Then we got Justin the groom, and his brothers Austin, Chris, and Ryan together with a Macie, Bryan, and Molly for a cousins picture. They are first cousins.
My parents even got their picture taken.
We took some pictures of Sue's family too. Molly, Tyler, Al, Bryan, Sue, and Macie.
It was such a fun wedding and reception. We all enjoyed spending time together. We were all together a month ago when Tyler and Molly got married, but it was a lot more relaxing and fun for their family not being in the bridal party. The girls enjoyed a major trip to Hobby Lobby where we took out 4 full carts! I'm sure the store loved us. The guys went golfing. My dad and Bryan went along to supervise ie... drink beer. They all had a great time. My dad is not a golfer, but he sure had lots of fun!
It was a fun weekend and we all enjoyed spending time together. We're going to have to do it again soon, but it will probably be next year before we're together again.

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