Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fishing & Floating Weekend

This past weekend we were at my parents again, so we could go fishing. My brother called earlier in the week and wanted to know if we wanted to go tubing down the river. I asked my Dr. and she said it was fine to go, so Paul and I went hunting for tubes. It was a challenge to say the least! I guess it was too late in the season, but we finally found the perfect ones. I also found some water shoes, you know the kind that was popular back in the 90's?? They were great because we did a lot of walking in mud/water/sand/rocks to get into the river and also to get off the sand bars. Sat. afternoon we headed to the river and set up camp. My brother and SIL and her whole family were going to camp, so they got set up. We all changed, blew up the tubes and 7 of us went in my dad's pickup about a mile and a half up the river where he dropped us off and we got in the river. We got in about where the left side of this picture is. I took the pictures from on top of the hill as we were going down.
We floated down the river and half went on the east side of this bend and the other half went on the west side. Needless to say I was on the slow east side. We did finally make it, but it was more work trying to paddle with my arms to get  going.
We were on the river for 3 hours and got back to camp about 7PM. Our camp was where the big patch of dark green trees start and it looks like the river ends in this picture.
Paul really enjoyed just floating along.
 I did too. It was very relaxing and lots of fun. Although I was very sore from moving my arm muscles that do not ever get that much use!
My dad kept watch on the fishing poles while we were gone.  He caught one fairly big one and when we got back Paul caught a huge one. It was 5.5lbs.
Paul and I fished on the shore line while everyone visited. We went back to my parents around 10 as we were exhausted from tubing.
Sunday morning I went with my parents to 7AM church and then we changed and went back to the river.  We went tubing again, leaving at 10AM and it only took us 2 hours to get back. We had the river figured out and it went much quicker.It was so much fun! Paul & my bro both got their white beer bellies a bit fried though!  Paul, my bro, and my dad skinned and filleted the fish they caught before we headed back to my parents.

Paul and I headed home mid afternoon as I had a paper to write for my class. I feel like a broken record. I'm always writing a paper for class and usually on the weekends we want to be gone. I have another one due next weekend and I'm going to a wedding, so I best get busy on it. I'm a procrastinator! I decided to take another grad class for fall and then take the winter term off.
Monday night I went with my parents to meet my mom's Uncle Arlie & Aunt Mae at a campground south of town. We had a picnic with family and enjoyed visiting for the evening. It was so relaxing. Aunt Mae has always wanted to see my quilt frame, so on Tues. I invited mom and Mae out to see it. On my way home from work I was rear-ended, so I had to wait for the cop to fill out the police report. Luckily the lady had insurance and I was able to go to the Dr. yesterday and everything was fine. Her insurance will fix my bumper and some warning lights that came on, but otherwise no major damage. I feel so lucky. Mom and Mae visited the Sewing Center and got help with her embroidery and also went around Hobby Lobby for a while. They did come out later and got to see my sewing studio and machines. Mae was so impressed and can now understand how I get so much done. I'm so glad we got to visit with her while she was out.
It's been a long week and I'm looking forward to the weekend so I can relax a bit. We're hoping to go to the fair as it kicks off this weekend.


Jen said...

You made my heart drop about your accident, I'm glad you're ok!

It sounds like you had an excellent time tubing, the scenery is gorgeous.

Did I ever tell you that when we visited SD when I was a kid my parents went on and on about the Black Hills the whole way there and back. We were on our return trip and were in MN and I said, Where were these black hills that you people kept going on and on about? I never saw them.

Yeah...I guess I took Black Hills as literal BLACK HILLS.

cowgirl commentaries said...

Glad you were okay after the accident! Other than that, it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!!!!! Floating and fishing and family. Doesn't get better than that!