Thursday, August 12, 2010

Flowers & Thank You

Yesterday two of my co-workers and I received a huge bouquet of flowers and 3 Thank You balloons. The card was unsigned, but we're positive we know who they are from, since we'd done a lot of work for one of our campuses. The flowers are on a file cabinet in the hall because they are so big, but we each took a balloon back to our office. I chose the purple one!
There are all kinds of flowers in the vase and a couple butterflies sticking out. The ribbon even has butterflies on it. When I say it's huge, it's probably 1.5 feet across in width and almost 2.5 feet high. The vase itself is a foot high.
In the bottom of the vase are seashells. I thought they were so cool compared to the normal rocks.
It was such a nice surprise and very appreciated thank you gift. It always feels good to be thanked for going the extra mile for someone.

Baby Stephens update: 2lbs total gained, my BP & baby's heartbeat good! 4 more weeks and we can find out if it's a boy or girl, if we decide to find out... and I can go tubing on the river this weekend!

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Jen said...

Very cool!!!