Wednesday, August 11, 2010

French Braid Quilted!

Last night could have been a very lazy night. It was hot and I was tired and I wanted nothing more than to lay on the couch and take a nap. I actually did for quite a while, but about 8 last night I realized I wanted to have this tablerunner to work on the binding during my appointment today, so I went to my studio.
I pieced the backing and loaded it on the frame. I used a thermore batting and cranked the tension up a bit. I quilted with Lime green King Tut on top and Lime Green Bottomline in the bobbin. I had planned to use orange, but when I put the lime green on it, I liked it better. The backing is the green with orange moons and purple houses, so the bobbin needed green.
I quickly quilted it, which in my world is great. I had to do 3 passes to finish it. It's about 13.5"x 48" so pretty long.
I did a small meander all over, missing where the points meet up. It was pretty easy to manuver around them.
Then I took the fat quarter of stripe and made bias binding. It turned out perfect and I didn't even get my book out. I'm getting beter and better at making this type of binding. I did run short though, by about 8 inches, so I took the end piece I had cut off and cut it on the bias and added it to my binding and it worked. A few more seams, but oh well, at least I didn't have to go buy more yardage.
I love how the tablerunner turned out and I'm looking forward to teaching this class this fall. I love the 60* ruler and how easy it is to match up the points. The only part I don't like...not being able to piece it with my walking foot, but I'll live!


Cindy said...

Wow it turned out wonderful. I love the color of the thread too, good choice.

Jen said...

That turned out soooo cute. Love it!