Sunday, August 08, 2010

Aunt Lil's Quilt

Aunt Lil's quilt is almost done and it may be one of the quickest quilts I've ever made. Wednesday night Paul's mom picked out where the fabrics would go and which pattern I should use. I ended up using a GE Designs line called Amma's Garden. I used the focus fabric of poppies and the stripes for the second center, border and binding. I could have done bias binding, but I chose to do it straight of the grain to match the borders. I cut it out during lunch on Thurs. Thurs. night I made the poppy blocks and sewed the stratas for the second block. Fri. night I cut out the stratas into the pieces and made the second block. I put the blocks together into the top. At work on Sat. I picked up a tangarine colored Shadow Play for the backing. After work I put the borders on, pieced the backing together and quilted it. Today I put the binding on and started the hand sewing while the race was on. I have about 1.5 sides left to finish the hand sewn binding. Tonight I put the label on, so I need to hand sew it down too, but I feel great about all I got done. My MIL can't believe how quickly I got the quilt made. I hope Paul's Aunt Lil likes it, but I'm sure she will. Four days is pretty fast for me to make a throw size quilt. I used a thermore batting since she lives in MO and doesn't need it to be super heavy. I had to adjust my tension higher, since I used King Tut and Bottomline to quilt it, but it turned out great.


Colleen said...

Looks great!

Jen said...

I like that pattern. Nice QUilt!