Thursday, August 05, 2010

Merry's Cat Quilt

Last night after I quilted the Baby Sign Language quilt, I had the cat's quilt out and the leftover batting was the perfect size. I had the backing and just chose a verigated pink/purple/blue/green/yellow King Tut and pink Bottomline to go with it.  I quilted a very large meander all over it. It's probably the biggest one I've done, but it doesn't need to be super close, it's for the cat!
My stitches are becoming more and more consistant with every quilt I do. I'm pleased with how this turned out.
I even had enough time to put the binding on. I cut it at 2.25" and sewed it to the front, turned it to the back and sewed it down by stitch in the ditch. All the fabric is leftover or sale fabrics I picked up, except the cat print, which I specifically picked up for her. It's all LQS fabric, so it's a nice quilt. I just hope Merry likes it and will sleep on it, since she hates fleece blankets, but seems to love my quilts. I love a cat with good taste!
This was my 90th quilt on my frame! Oh how I've learned so much since that first quilt. I'm still learning, but I can see vast improvement over the previous ones I've done. My MIL was so excited about Merry's quilt she took it to work to show her co-workers today. I'm just glad to have another UFO completed!


Anonymous said...

90 quilts??? Already? Wow... you ARE prolific! I've had mine 2 years and I'm probably only at 25 or so. Good for you!

Jen said...

Dang, I stopped keeping track around 90. You rock!!

I love that sign language quilt, we didn't have that fabric around here.