Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Valentine Hexi Tablerunner

On the way to Sioux Falls on Friday I spent most of the morning working on my hexi tablerunner. I had a bunch of flowers done and I started putting them together. I have 7 finished hexi flowers together now, but I'm not sure in which direction this is headed. I had thought I would do a big heart, but I may just do a diamond like Jen did. In any case I need to figure it out before I make too many more flowers. I love the flowers as they go together much quicker and stay smaller than trying to add on to this big piece one hexi at a time.
The last 6 rows on the bottom is the piece I had originially started and given up on because it was getting too big to work with. It's about 4 hexi's wide. I'm not sure that is where it will go, but I put it on the design wally to try and figure it out. Any suggestions on how I should continue with this? I feel like I need more brown. I was just using it in the centers to keep it kind of even.
I feel like I accomplished a lot on it since it's been forever since I worked on it. My friends at work and I have been walking during our morning and afternoon breaks this summer, so I haven't spent much time inside to work on it. I'm going to have it done by Valentine's day this year. I just have to keep working on it! I didn't work on it on the way home, since I drove about half way and then I worked on my paper that was due Sunday night. Only one more paper for this class and summer quarter will be over! I'm looking forward to Fall, since this class wasn't very interesting.


Mama Pea said...

Love those fabrics and the way they are coming together!

Vals Quilting said...

I love these Hexies and have always wants to make these..hmmm inspired, YES! thanks so much. I too love your fabrics and i think you need more browns also :)