Monday, August 02, 2010

Mom's Birthday

Thursday night my bro called and invited hubby and I to join his family and our parents at the river fishing and camping to celebrate mom's birthday. We couldn't decide whether to go or not, mostly because Paul wanted to install the neighbors windows and I had a paper due Sun. night I hadn't started. Alas, late Fri. night we decided to go. The neighbors had company, so he couldn't do the windows.  We got up Sat. morning, had breakfast, and packed for the trip. We were at my parents in time for lunch, then naps, and hubby and my dad went to get the camper hooked up. I baked mom a birthday cake while they were gone.
My bro & his family arrived around 5 and we headed to the river. Everyone, except my parents went swimming in the river. It's running pretty slow now, but was a bit muddy. My niece had her life jacket on and was so super cute! At 96 degrees it sure felt good! After swimming we fixed supper on the grill. Hubby and my dad were both fishing and each caught a fish. Some clouds moved over and gave us this gorgeous sunset.
We had just gone up to change into jeans and get our fishing poles as it was finally dark, when out of nowhere a downpour of rain got us! We quickly loaded up the chairs and our stuff and headed for home. Where we were there is a lot of dirt and we didn't want the campers stuck. There is no cell service down there either. It poured all the way home!  We ended up taking the coolers in and a few friends came over and we sat around and visited late into the night!
We went to church the next morning and had breakfast before my bro's family went home.  After lunch, hubby and I shared the cake I made with mom and dad.  Today is mom's birthday, so we were celebrating early. I used a heart shaped bundt cake pan to make the german chocolate cake with coconut frosting, my mom's absolute favorite cake. This is the first time I've used the pan where the whole cake came out without sticking! My dad insisted I take a picture of it!
After lunch hubby and I headed home. We got home around 3 and had time for a nap before I started on my paper. I got the 8 page paper done in just 5 hours and I felt good about it. I'm so glad that we went with my family camping as we had lots of fun, even if it did pour on us.


piecesofpatti said...

Looks like a beautiful lake and sounds like a good time! You had fun and still got your paper done, good job!

Judy said...

What a Beautiful picture, thanks for sharing it with us.

Jen said...

Yeah, I would have screwed that cake up somehow!!