Saturday, November 22, 2008

Woven Star Table Runner

Back in 2005 I helped mom teach a class called Woven Star. It was the first time she taught it and it was a challenging class. I never made the tablerunner, but I helped a lot of ladies do their weaving. She taught the class several more times because it was so popular. I finally got a chance to take the class on mom's birthday August 2, 2006. Paul's mom took the class with me. It was her first taste of quilting. With the funerals and everything else going on it was the end of Aug. before we actually finished the table runners. They are tubes that are woven together on a "loom" and then sewn together on the sides, thus making them reversible with very little quilting. This is my top side.
This is the other side. It's a very easy pattern once you get the hang of it. The tubes take the longest to make. I have since made several varieties of these, but this is still my favorite one.

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