Friday, November 14, 2008

Bistro is on the Frame!

Last night I was bound and determined to get Bistro on the frame. I had to put on the last border and then make the backing. I figured out the measurements pretty closely and I am really hoping I have enough backing or the border may get a little smaller. I just didn't see any sense in waisting another 1 1/2 of fabric for the backing. I may be mad at myself tonight. We'll see.
I have about three inches of each fabric left and some squares, so I'm thinking a wall hanging or a small baby quilt may be in order. We'll see after I get this one quilted. I got it all loaded on the frame and made the first pass across the top. I was extremely happy with my FMQing skills and the tension. I turned up the speed on my machine and did smaller meandering and it looks great. It was after 10:30 so I decided to call it a night as my eyes/contacts were really drying out with watching it so closely. I think I must not blink when I'm quilting because at the end of each row my eyes always are so dry.
I'm using a wool bat for this one which is something I haven't done before. So far I like the poofiness of it. Has anyone else done a lot with wool batting? One lady I know uses it exclusively because it doesn't cause the crease lines when you fold it or so she says. We'll see. I have two that I thought I would try the wool on. I also saw the bamboo batting, but it was $54 for the crib and I thought that was way too much.
I'm using King Tut brown/teal verigated in the top and bottom and it matches perfectly. I absolutely love it. I've been using my second bobbin case with the King Tut in the bobbin and that works so much better. I also started using some new Titanium needles and I love them. They simply pierce the fabric with a smoothness I haven't found before. I didn't have one thread break or any shreading issues either. My tension issues are improving with each quilt I do, so I'm really happy with how this quilt is turning out.

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Jen said...

I bought bistro!!! I even bought the backing. I'm going to make a blue underground "In and Out" quilt out of it.