Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Smoke & Roses

Last week was super busy with class, Sew & Sews club, a mom and me night. I was out Tues, Wed, and Thurs. By Friday I was completely exhausted! We had supper and were planning to go shopping for T-Day food, but instead came home and Paul went right to sleep at 7:30! I can't go to sleep then, so I worked on cutting out the bags for my Sunday Sewcial Demo and organized my sewing room a bit. I still haven't put everything away from when I sewed with mom a few weeks ago. I finished up the label and attached it with SAS2 to my Cafe Bistro quilt.
Sat morning I got up early and hand sewed the binding on my quilt. I took it to work and hung it up. My goals for the day were Apron Kits for the apron I made from the same line and to kit the fabric for Cafe Bistro. I was able to get both done and just had to finish the pattern. Jenn came in with a friend and showed me the aprons she made. They turned out way cute! Her friend wants to make a t-shirt quilt, so I gave her a few hints and things to think about.
My check engine light had come on, on the way to work, so I went to have my little bro look at it after work. He thought it was okay and fixed the fan, so it came on. I went to Walmart and as I was going to get on the interstate, the fan motor started smoking, so I headed right over to the shop (less than a block) and he came and look at the smoke billowing out. The fan motor is shot for my blower fan. I knew it was pretty close to needing replaced, but wow the smoke was horrible! When I finally got home Paul had bought me roses and was cooking a meal of filet mignon, potatoes, and corn. I was so surprised! He made me go take a shower because I stunk. My bags, purse, coat - everything smelled like smoke! It was horrible. I febrezed everything! I'm so thankful I didn't have my machine or sewing supplies with me.
We had a nice candlelight meal and watched TV together. It was so nice to be home alone together without anywhere to go and nothing that had to be done. So no sewing for me, but that's okay, it's not often we just do nothing.
I got up early Sun. morning and worked on my bags for the Sunday Sewcial. I still wasn't done, but Paul took me to work where I finished preparing. The day just kind of flew by and Paul brought me my favorite - Qdoba - for lunch! I couldn't believe it! After work he picked me up and we did the grocery shopping for T-Day. When we got home I worked on organizing a few more things and took Elaine off the frame and decided I was going to use her in my table for a while. The newness of Marie has worn off and I was ready to use Elaine again. I talked to my mom for quite a while, with my bluetooth on, so I had my hands free. I pressed all my stratas for my Crazy Eights table topper and then I drew out the appliques I'm using for Christmas presents. I have one cut out and the other still to do. I want to get those whipped up so I can take at least one thing off my list for Christmas.
Last night I had a migraine, so I got nothing done! I laid on the couch and watched Dancing with the Stars and when I finally felt better I wrote up our wedding announcement for the paper and submitted it. Nothing quilty done at all! I'm hoping tonight will be more productive.


Jenn Boerger said...

Sounds like you had a crazy weekend!! We're heading out of town for turkey day - how about you? Hopefully we can get together early Dec. for some quilting...

Grandma B said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!! I Have lived in S.D. also, and during the summer of my sophomore and junior years I worked in the Black Hills. My grandparents retire to Sioux Falls, so we would travel through Rapid City on our way to visit them.

Hope you and yours have a wonderful, peaceful day....