Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Heather's Home!

I don't think this day can get any better than it has been already. I just read Heather's blog and she is safely back in the US! I'm so thankful for her military service and the freedom I have because of women and men in uniform. For the last 5 months I've been thinking about her and praying for her safe return.
The Prolific Online Quilters members sent 12" blocks to me for a friendship quilt for Heather. Over the course of Aug, Sept, and October, I put this quilt together. With the help and support of my quilting buddies, it went together rather quickly. The requirements for the block were 12 1/2" unfinished block, Red, White, Blue any shade, and a star pattern. With 21 people participating, I was surprised the every block was unique and original. When they arrived, I put names on them with my 6600 and added the sashing and borders. I quilted it on my frame with stars and loops using a Isacord verigated red, white, blue thread. It's bound in a flag fabric. I made a pillowcase using the Navy themed fabric, blue with white stars, and a red flange.
Here's the quilt we made for her:
September Quilts 002
Here are the close ups and hopefully I remember who made each block. Please correct me if I have yours wrong. I'm doing this from memory. I put them all on the label, but forgot to take a picture, so hopefully Heather will take one.
My South Dakota star from Carol Doaks 50 States Stars book is on the left and Cindy -MI. is on the right, Jen B. (Cre8tive Quilter) - WI lower left, and Nancy (Heather's mom) - CA lower right. Jen did a bunch of writing on her block as well as her moms, so click to enlarge the photos for the detail. Heather's mom cross stitched her block and I added the border to it.
September 08 Quilts 003
Jill - OH top left, Michelle - IA top right, Regina A - NY bottom left, Regina S - MI bottom right.
September 08 Quilts 004
Jennifer - IN top left, Connie - IL top right, Michele B. - MD bottom left, Carla - AL bottom rightSeptember 08 Quilts 005
Deb - VT top left, Gina - Wales top right, Colleen - NE bottom right, Mine bottom left
September 08 Quilts 006
Cindy W - WI top left, Suzan O- PA top right, Cindy L - MI, bottom left, Bethany - NE bottom right
September 08 Quilts 007
Nancy - CA (Heather's Mom) left, Kristie - KY right
September 08 Quilts 008
Rhoda - MI left, Jen B - WI right
September 08 Quilts 009
This is the fabric that was donated by my boss for the borders. I used to work at Mt. Rushmore and feel it is one of our nations greatest symbols of freedom.
September 08 Quilts 010
I'm so happy Heather is home! Once she gets settled in I'm sure we'll hear more from her, but right now I'm just glad to she is safe and sound and surrounded by her friendship quilt. Thanks for your service Heather!


Bethany said...

WOW. The quilt looks fantastic! You did a wonderful job and she'll love it.

Thank you for all the hard work you've put into this project.

Michelle said...

It looks wonderful, Moneik. Thanks for doing this for her.

Carla said...

It looks stunning! Thanks for organizing and seeing through to completion this well deserved quilt project for Heather.

Gina said...

It's stunning Moniek. Thank you for putting it all together for us

love and hugs Gina xxx

Jenn Boerger said...

What a beautiful tribute to our country and to Heather! It's easy to see your generous spirit through all of your quilts, Moneik, but in this one especially.