Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Baby Boy Car Quilts

In the summer of 2006 I knew several people who were pregnant and I knew I wanted them to have quilts, so I used this super simple 3 1 yard cut = 3 quilts pattern. The Cars movie was very popular at the time and to that point all my friends had had boys, so I thought three boys quilts were in order. The next 4 people I knew had girls, minus my friend Angie who did have a boy, but I wanted an extra special quilt for him. I quilted them with lightening bolts across the quilts.
I ended up giving Billy, my cousin's little boy one for Christmas '06. He was the ring bearer in our wedding. He was more thrilled with the back, which was solid cars, than the front! In '07 I gave his new little brother Tyler one and made a Car's pillowcase for Billy. I still have one left to give when another little boy comes along. I know my friend is having a boy, but I'll do something more personalized and special for him.

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Jennifer said...

I love this is my go-to baby blanket pattern and I am just about to start three more. Love them with the Cars fabric.