Friday, November 28, 2008

Uncle Tom & Aunt Helen's Barn Wall Hanging

Back in April '06 when mom and I were on our quilty road trip, I saw all kinds of beautiful old red barns in MN, SD, IA, and NE. I think they are absolutely gorgeous. My cousin Tommy had bought an old barn and had it moved to my Uncle Tom's ranch that year and they were in the process of fixing it up and I was always taking pictures of it. I bought 3 or 4 patterns with barns and lots of barn fabrics on our trip. In the bottom picture you an kind of see that the red fabric was printed like red painted wood. It was so cool and I found the green grass which I loved too. This barn was paper pieced and it was a pain in the neck to match all the "red wood" and get the right angles. I fussy cut the horses next to the barn too. The pattern was horrible, but thankfully I had learned the Carol Doak way and was easily able to figure out how to do the paper piecing. I didn't want to do the corners the way they said because they were half square triangles, but I was at Sit and Sew and mom "made" me do them. They actually made this turn out really cool, so I'm glad she did. I gave it to my Uncle Tom and Aunt Helen for Christmas in 2006.
Moneik Quilts 017
Moneik Quilts 018


Kristie said...

Oh, I just love the barn!! Such a cool pattern!

Karen said...

Very nice!