Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dad's Picture Quilt

In June 2006 I made this quilt for my dad's birthday/Father's Day. I took all the family photo albums and scanned in pictures of my two brothers and I and throughout our early years, high school, and more current pictures. I printed 72 different pictures of us and then used all the scraps/stash of fabric I had to make this quilt for my dad. All the pictures are about 3x5 or so. I printed 4 to a page on printer sized fabric sheet from June Tailor. I used the sew in variety. I got it all done, right before Father's Day and washed it, not realizing the washer was on heavy wash instead of delicate, so the pictures faded, but he still loved it and so do I. The back is all scraps put together and I sewed around each block on my 3050, so a very small harp, for a large quilt.

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