Thursday, November 13, 2008

Still a Hunter's Widow

I'm still a Hunter's widow! I can't wait until Sunday when Paul gets home. This is the longest time he has been away from the house and I'm sure missing him. He calls every night to let me know the elusive "BIG" buck got away again. He says today will be the day, so we'll see. So far they are having a good time and going to different places each morning and afternoon. Missy is really missing him. She's been moping around the house, lost without him there.
I worked on the borders of my Bistro quilt last night. I was visiting with mom and didn't have my bluetooth in, so didn't get much done. It's hard to work with your head cocked to hold the phone, while measuring and cutting the borders. I have the first border on and the second one cut. I'm hoping to get it on tonight and make the backing and load it on the frame tonight. We'll see how much I get accomplished. Paul has my camera, so still no pictures of the quilt. I'm going to work on the pattern this weekend. It's very simple, but I want to teach a class on this quilt, so I'm going to write up a few directions. It's about 52x72 right now, so another 10" each way with the second border. I think it'll make a nice throw size. I have a wall hanging to go with it. I may even have enough strips to make a smaller 4x5 block quilt. We'll see after I get the first one done.
Mom is gone tonight on a business trip, so no sewing at the store tonight. I really wish we were so my new friend and I could work together on borders. I'm planning to do a lot of sewing tonight and tomorrow night, so I can hopefully show her on Sat. how to do the borders.
Thanks for all the comments recently. Please have your profile set to an email address so that I can respond with feedback to your comments. Several comments recently haven't had an email attached, so I can't get in touch with you. I've left a comment on a few blogs, and would like to respond to those who comment on mine. Thanks and know that I really appreciate comments, but often can't respond because of no email address.

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