Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What have I been sewing??

Wow, the month is already half over and it seems I haven't shown all the little projects I've been working on. I made a camo/pink baby blanket for Mikaela. She loves these double layer ones for sleeping at night. I also made her a mommy/daddy flannel with purple minkee blanket. She loves the minkee!
Quilt 015
My mom had bought about 10 yards total of this really soft satiny material. She was going to make me a night gown, so I cut it out and whipped it up the other night, only to realize there is no way in .... that it will fit. So I'll be gifting it to a relative. I still love the material and plan to make another one when I can get a bigger pattern. It took me less than an hour to make.
Quilt 016

I quilted this baby quilt for my cousin Molly's baby boy on Sat. night. I hope to have the binding on when they come for a visit in June. It's Frolic by Sandy Gervais.
Quilt 021

I just love the swirls I did in the trees and randomly throughout the quilt. I love swirls but after having done one quilt in all swirls and running out of thread/making the quilt stiff as a board, I learned my lesson! It has warm and natural batting. They live in the Cities, where they get the COLD MN winters!
Quilt 024

This was the first quilt I had quilted on the frame in over a month. It sure felt good to get a quilt on the frame and get it quilted!

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