Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quilting Darlene's Quilt

Last week Darlene dropped off two quilts to have me quilt for her. They are for two special girls in her life and they love Hannah Montana, hence the fabric. The pattern is called the Katrina Quilt I believe. It was made to make quick quilts for Katrina victims, but works great for large scale prints. The quilts are 61"x73" and there are two identical. She gave me free rein on the quilting. This is the first one. I quilted meandering and flowers.
Quilt 029

It's a medium sized meander and then I made flowers to look like the flowers in the fabric.
Quilt 028

Here's one of the flowers. I used a raspberry verigated King Tut. I think between Jen and I we've probably gone through about 10 spools of this color thread! I know I've used at least 5 full ones and she used a few for my wedding quilts.
Quilt 027

The backing is pieced too.  The light color is really stiff and this is one time I probably would have washed the backing if it was mine. The sizing is making it more difficult to quilt. There are some seams with this fabric that are a challenge too. I started this quilt Sun. night and the first pass through I ran the needle through my ring finger. I was definately in shock, because I forgot how to turn off the machine. Luckily I finally got it off. I was able to tear out the bad stitching too and no blood got on the quilt! I've got the second one loaded and started quilting it, but didn't feel like it tonight. Hope to get back to it tomorrow night. I'm doing loops and flowers on it, so they are a bit different.
Quilt 030
It feels great to be quilting again!

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vtquilter said...

Ouch! I really hope your finger is better. Glad you got some quilting time in and great job keeping the blood off the quilt.