Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Mikaela is 15 Weeks Old!

Mikaela turned 15 weeks old on May 4th. She's growing so much and her expressions are really starting to come out. I finally was able to catch her in a smiley/giggly mood.

Mikaela 002
For the most part she's a very happy little girl. Cindy Gardiner made the rag quilt for her. It's super warm and cozy.
Mikaela 006
UhOh, I figured out mommy was taking pictures and I wasn't so sure about it.
Mikaela 013
I put her on the afghan I had as a little girl. I think my mom made it for me, but that can neither be confirmed or denied. I'll have to ask more family to see if they know.
Mikaela 029

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